Hi, we are Chris and Sara-may and we are going to travel to India by bike!



On our way we are going to make stops to work on farms and volunteer in different projects to help local people a hand and get a great experience and a bed and food in return.

Bike??? Why would we go to India by bike? Why not just by plane, or a train, take a boat, a car or maybe even a motorcycle. Why by bike? That is a question frequently asked by people we meet.

Aside from the adventure, the freedom, and to get in good shape for summer – just kidding-, we both crave to learn life through practice after years of studying. In order to get a deeper understanding in who we are and what we want. Biking long distances can get you in a meditative state and gets you to places you otherwise might never end up.

The second important motive is to travel sustainable. In a world where you can now pay 10 euro to fly from one European capital to another, it is less obvious to go for other ways of traveling. Traveling by bike is not only good for the environment, you can also pay attention to your surroundings. Chris thereby, already used a dynamo to charge his electric devices on the way and we also want to make use of solar pannels to charge bigger devices as a laptop. We also think of sustainble manners by eating local food (except banana’s, Chris loves them) and volunteer in sustainable projects.

We experienced that it can be quit difficult to get distracted from your dreams and wishes in life and to get caught up in expectations. So it would be nice to go to that basis and to take the time to watch the sunrise, be conscious of what you eat, and pay attention to your ideas and observations and to hear your own voice calling instead the ones of others.


How it began..

Chris left April 2015 on his bike from Freiburg to travel the world by bike alone. He traveled for six months through Europe with a few stops on his way. He worked on a hippie farm in Hungary, helped to built a house in Rumania, and eventually ended up a half year later in Athens to meet a friend to pick some olives. But to first stay one night or two nights couchsurfing at Sara-May’s place who he just met. You can find some pictures of his trip on http://www.workandcycle.wordpress.com

Sara-May arrived in Greece in August 2015 by hitch hiking. She traveled around the country to write stories and get an impression of the economic and social situation of the country until she run out of money. With no job waiting at home, she found by small miracle, a job in Athens as a Dutch customer service employee. After some great couchsurfing experience on her travels she decided to host people in her new home, with Chris being the first. However, Chris never left..

Chris stayed for four months in Athens. And after four months working Sara-may had saved a little money and decided to join this awesome guy on a trip to India. To see what we did these four months, visit our chapter Greece.

We are now preparing our journey in Athens and looking forward to discover all these new places, meet so many new people, to endure the hardships of the biking life including an ass that will feel like a piece of wood. We will look forward for a life on the road.



Do you have any questions, tips, or sponsor recommendations feel free to write us!

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